Your in the Foam Zone. On this page you will get information about Dean Cleary Surfboards and myself Dean Cleary. The picture to the left is my first professional shaping room it still stands today as a shed on 6th street in Huntington Beach as least it did a few weeks ago. It was just behind the parking lot of
The Surf Theater.
All Dean Cleary Surfboards and Kneeboards are hand shaped by Dean Cleary. I use first quality whatever brand blanks I can get and glassing is done at OceanWorks where my shaping room is located. Shaping at the glass shop allows me to monitor the quality of all boards and shaped blanks don't need to get transported once they are shaped. I also am making blanks from Polystyrene foam and glassed with Epoxy resin

Zone Out!

January 1, 2010
Hey Happy New Year!
I hope we get lot's of good waves this year. I'm hoping to get out in the water a lot more and get some cool designs out there. It's been a year or so but the online form on my site now works after a few days of reprograming it. It should make ordering a new board much easier.


December 25, 2009
Today was a bright and sunny day and the surf seems like it's getting bigger. The Surf Industry seems as though it's getting a little better as economies around the world seem to improve slightly. I'm happy that US Blanks are making very good blanks and they are my blank of choice.